Aromatic hydrocarbons

Aromatic Solvent S2000#

Cyber feature No.: + 30 colorless transparent liquid;Distillation range ° C: 230-310;Density (20 ℃) ...

Detailed introduction:

lCAS NO: 64742-95-6

Cyber feature No.: + 30 colorless transparent liquid

Distillation range ° C: 230-310

Density (20 ℃) g / cm 3: 0.90-0.95

Aromatics content (M / M)%: 99.9%

Features: high flash point, low toxicity, small odor, strong solubility, moderate volatilization rate, good emulsification performance, stable physical and chemical properties

Application: it is an ideal solvent for the production of resin, high-grade paint, paint, ink, adhesive, paint thinner, pesticide (emulsifier), aluminum silver paste, hydrogen peroxide, electrostatic spray paint, and can also be used as high temperature chemical reaction solvent and oil additive production solvent, industrial cleaning agent, etc

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