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Solvent oil industry enters transition period

Release time:2020-07-17 author:Jiangyin CaiYouDao Chemical Co., Ltd clicks:145

Content summary:On March 13, 2019, the "China solvent oil industry market innovation and Development Summit and 2019 special oil industry forum" h...

Summit: on March 13, 2019, the "China solvent oil industry market innovation and Development Summit and 2019 special oil industry forum" hosted by Jin Lianchang and jointly sponsored by was held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen. The industrial summit attracted the active participation of major solvent oil refineries in Inner Mongolia, such as Yitai, Cangzhou Huahai, JINDA, etc., major traders in the industry, third parties and downstream end customers, with nearly 300 participants. From the macro-economic environment and industrial development to the in-depth analysis of the entire industrial chain, the participants conducted in-depth exchanges and interaction inside and outside the venue, and discussed the industrial innovation and development strategy.

Since 2018, the Sino US trade war and the introduction of trump policy have led to turbulence in the crude oil market, increasing crude oil production, oversupply, falling naphtha prices and insufficient cost support. In addition, due to the high inventory cost of solvent oil refineries, some refineries were forced to stop production, and most of the downstream users consumed their own inventory. Solvent oil industry will face a fierce battle.

As China is a high-yield energy country with rich coal resources and few oil and gas resources, the shortage of oil promotes the coal to liquid technology gradually entering the market, which has aroused widespread concern. The main problems faced by enterprises are: whether to advocate coal to oil technology, whether to eliminate backward production capacity and improve the environmental protection requirements of products. In addition, with the promulgation of environmental protection policy, the production and demand of traditional solvent oil are greatly reduced. High end hydrocarbon solvents, n-alkanes, isoparaffins and other special environmental solvent oils are quietly entering the historical stage.

On March 13, the "China solvent oil industry market innovation and Development Summit and 2019 special oil industry forum" sponsored by jinlianchuang and jointly sponsored by was held at the Four Points Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen. The present situation and future development trend of solvent oil industry were analyzed. The enterprises and industry experts in each link of solvent oil industry chain have made innovations in the future from different angles. Development direction.

1. Industrial trend change: from "import" to "export"

At the meeting, Jiang Jiansheng, senior consultant of Inner Mongolia Yitai Group Co., Ltd., comrade Niu, chairman of Luoyang JINDA Petrochemical Co., Ltd., sun Dongtao, general manager of Henan Junheng Industrial Group Co., Ltd., and Zhao Junjie, deputy general manager of Liaoning Yufeng Chemical Co., Ltd., analyzed the solvent oil industry. The capacity of upstream refineries is interpreted from the aspects of industrial development, market, technology and products. Product status.

In 2019, with the improvement of product quality and the production capacity of upstream refineries, how to break through the bottleneck of solvent oil export, break barriers and enter the foreign market in the future will usher in a new blue ocean of solvent oil industry.

2. Industrial direction change: from "traditional trade" to "industrial Internet service"

Cao hang, strategic director of petroleum network market of Longda energy group, reported the market situation and market data statistics of solvent oil (general / special purpose) in 2018 to enterprises in various industries of solvent oil industry, and analyzed the development status and bottleneck of solvent oil industry.

In view of the current industry development trend, Longda energy group has meticulously built an industrial Internet service platform oil network, transforming the traditional trading mode of solvent oil industry into the supply and marketing mode of "refining network retailer (sub terminal) - end user". The Internet has penetrated into the industrial value chain and optimized production, trade, financing and circulation links through intelligent tools. It greatly improves the efficiency of resource allocation, makes the transaction more simple, and provides six core functions for enterprises in various industries: 1. Online trading and settlement; online finance; 3. Big data management; supply chain management; value-added services; member services.

Build an intelligent and digital industrial chain service platform based on oil network, connect each role in the industrial chain, and provide the required value for each type of enterprise in the industrial chain. Through the oil network, we will cooperate with enterprises in various fields of the industrial chain to establish long-term and stable cooperative relations with tourists at stable and reasonable prices and supporting service system. Win win, create a new era of industry. 3. Industrial power transmission: from "general solvent oil" to "special solvent oil"

Guo Angang, Secretary General of Shandong daily chemical industry association, Li Maosheng, technical director of Guangzhou Fangchuan Lubrication Technology Co., Ltd., Xiao Lianzhuang, chairman of Guangdong Xinqiu Cleaning Technology Co., Ltd., and Shao Qinghui, general manager of Ainuo Technology Co., Ltd., respectively divided the demand and market. From the application of special solvent oil in daily chemical industry, metalworking fluid, industrial cleaning, aerosol and other fields, the huge market demand of special solvent oil is analyzed. Combined with practical application cases and industry development status, new business opportunities are provided for the development of solutions. NT petroleum industry.