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Development status of solvent oil industry in China

Release time:2020-07-17 author:Jiangyin CaiYouDao Chemical Co., Ltd clicks:151

Content summary:One of the five solvents is petroleum. Solvent oil is widely used as the end of the oil industry chain and close to consumers.

One of the five solvents is petroleum. Solvent oil is widely used as the end of the oil industry chain and close to consumers. It is not only affected by upstream raw materials, but also affected by the industry environment. According to Porter's five forces analysis method


China's solvent oil supply mainly comes from refineries and tertiary units of Sinopec and PetroChina. In recent years, with the delisting of solvent oil units in major refineries and the expansion of solvent oil units in local refineries, the proportion of solvent oil production in local refineries is increasing.

Intra industry competition:

The serious homogenization of products, the decline of capacity utilization, and the imbalance of production and marketing profits continue to plague the market. Solvent oil downstream industries are mostly concentrated in petroleum, rubber, coating, blending market and other industries. At present, each production enterprise is paying attention to its own subdivision trend and improving its own differentiated production quality. Enterprises are facing fierce competition.


According to incomplete statistics, paint solvent oil (commonly known as paint solvent oil) is the largest downstream consumption of solvent oil, followed by edible oil, printing ink, leather, pesticides, pesticides, rubber, cosmetics, spices, medicine, electronic components and other solvent oils. With the weakness of the real estate industry, the demand growth rate of the paint and coating industry has slowed down. But at present, the overall supply capacity is large, so the prosperity of the industry also depends on the operation of downstream industries.

New entrants:

As one of the five main types of petroleum products, solvent oil is close to consumers, especially the solvent oil in refineries. It is used as raw material for mixing. Therefore, due to the maturity of solvent oil production technology, low barriers to entry and exit, convenient overall storage and transportation, and large-scale industry. In addition, due to the recent disharmonious oil product events and the slowdown of China's economic growth, the survival space of small and medium-sized solvent oil enterprises may become narrower and narrower, but the domestic demand for special solvent oil is increasing year by year.


With people's attention to health, people are more interested in products with high cost performance. For example, n-hexane is an upgraded version of 6 solvent oil. However, 6 is the base of n-hexane and can be used as raw material, but downstream for oil production. This substitution is a necessary development. For example, solvent xylene can replace 120_ And 1000.